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Freestyle Session 12 Double DVD

Format: NTSC All Regions DVDs
Language: English
Run Time: 180 minutes
Rating: Unrated

Freestyle Session, the king of bboy battles, returns with the Freestyle Session 12 Year Anniversary Double DVD.

Witness some of the world's best bboys and bgirls go head to head for over $25,000 in cash and prizes and the bragging rights of the mythical Freestyle Session title.

Produced by CROS1, Grassroots Productions and Armory. DVD edited by Sick Action Media.

Disc 1:

Round of 16: Kadetes Del Toke vs Last 4 One, Mighty Zulu Kings vs Texas.Mexico.Alliance, Funky Masons vs Full Force, Now Or Never vs Monsta Squad, Hustle Kids vs Rock Steady Crew, Formosa vs Knucklehead Zoo, Dynamic Rockers vs Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Squadron vs Battle Snakes

Extra: B Roll (clips of crews from interviews) and more

Disc 2:

Round of 8: Mighty Zulu Kings vs Last 4 One, Monsta Squad vs Funky Masons, Formosa vs Hustle Kids, Dynamic Rockers vs The Squadron

Semi Finals: Mighty Zulu Kings vs Monsta Squad, Hustle Kids vs The Squadron

Finals: Monsta Squad vs The Squadron

Credits/Interviews, Outtakes and more!


.::Disk Number One::.


part 1: http://turbobit.net/n35n3l2n5tly.html
part 2: http://turbobit.net/tk23chc3ewwm.html
part 3: http://turbobit.net/bl49gk10xfmh.html
part 4: http://turbobit.net/5ht355vrnr3y.html
part 5: http://turbobit.net/l7ptzog7kq9e.html
part 6: http://turbobit.net/10w0bmov28yb.html
part 7: http://turbobit.net/sp3kfrg04r1f.html
part 8: http://turbobit.net/peqnbj57x2al.html


part 1: http://depositfiles.com/files/p4p5wouek
part 2: http://depositfiles.com/files/f2rluwxcw
part 3: http://depositfiles.com/files/9qmv01c69
part 4: http://depositfiles.com/files/r7q8c4xen
part 5: http://depositfiles.com/files/w3bnhj7ha
part 6: http://depositfiles.com/files/vvos3a5nx
part 7: http://depositfiles.com/files/8gcgsbno5
part 8: http://depositfiles.com/files/tf6wb4o9g

.::Disk Number Two::.

The Next Week...
.::The Final Battle::.


part 1: http://turbobit.net/zyhl6n88iddg.html
part 2: http://turbobit.net/5l6ec5v6qv3x.html
part 3: http://turbobit.net/36is5w75bnni.html


part 1: http://depositfiles.com/files/72ilaija7
part 2: http://depositfiles.com/files/e1ojz2hsz
part 3: http://depositfiles.com/files/xfue0mcq4

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по мне так единственная команда, на которую можно было посмотреть это
Mighty Zulu Kings
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